[Quiz] Le sexe des mots… 2e partie !

Saurez-vous encore reconnaître si ces mots sont féminins ou masculins?

Ces mots sont-ils féminins ou masculins?

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On aurait pu demander aussi: ascenseur, orage, avion, autobus, après-midi, qu’on entend souvent au féminin.

et bien certains mots que je croyais fém es mas et inversement.la langue française es vraiment difficile .

Good morning
I appreciate and value France and her culture, country, language (que je parle) people among whom are my much loved friends.
Thank you for this quiz. I asked my informed memory and intuition to give me the responses.

I had a very good friend from Aix-en-Provenance while we were both living in les Nouvelles Hebrides who shared so much with me about his country’s history and literature, food and drinks from his perspective. He was one of many loved French friends.