The Star Wars Kid Speaks Out (Ebook)


Almost a billion viewers across the planet know him as the Star Wars Kid, but they’ve never heard him speak, until now.

In 2002, Ghyslain Raza was a normal, 14-year-old, high-school student from small-town Quebec, who liked to play around making videos. In 2003, classmates posted his video on the Internet without his knowledge. In it, he wields a makeshift light saber, clumsily imitating a Star Wars Jedi knight. The video went viral, and Raza became one of the first victims of a massive cyberbullying attack. “People were telling me to commit suicide,” he recalls.

After a 10-year silence, Raza speaks out for the first time in an exclusive interview with Jonathan Trudel. Buy the ebook to find out how he survived being mocked by millions and how he hopes that talking about his experience will help others to deal with cyberbullying.

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Jonathan Trudel is an award-winning staff writer at L’actualité, Canada’s leading French-language public affairs magazine. Jonathan has reported extensively on the Internet and technology-related stories over the last 15 years. He is the proud father of two.